Your Future Doesn’t Lie Ahead of You

mickie zada
3 min readDec 17, 2019

Your future does not lie ahead of you. Your future lies deep inside of you waiting to be released, to be realized, to be brought into the Light.

Yes, we are retired. Society considers us O.L.D. and we sometimes buy into that as our reality. Instead, think Grandma Moses. Katharine Joosten. Saundra Thomas. Lisa Holton. Georgia O’Keefe.

When we live in the darkness of not believing in ourselves, there is a space in our minds that we don’t, very often, allow to be considered. We try not to think about it much. When it does pop into consciousness, it’s frequently squashed back into the recesses of our thoughts.

That light, those images of ourselves living free of fear and dis-belief in ourselves, that’s our future.

It’s frightening, for sure. It seems like the same distance away as Pluto.

But, it’s right here. It’s with us every second of every day.

Choose to take a look. Choose not to allow yourself to be afraid of growth, change, and exploration.

What does your future look like? Do you wear your hair in a different style? Do you wear brighter colors? Have you lost (or gained) weight? Are you starting a new business or are you choosing to try something you’ve never done before?

The really cool thing about our future is that we create it!

It’s not perfect, because nothing is. It’s not stress free because that’s not reality.

Even with the sad, tough, hard-working parts, it’s fabulous! Why? Because it is Yours. You chose a better way of Life. You chose joy. You chose to Be you.

Right this minute you’re choosing to allow the new You to live in your mind. You are beginning to allow your future to manifest in bright living color, inside your mind, where you are able to see and feel what it will be like. Keep creating that future, continue adding more detail. Let it grow.

When I began excavating the future in my mind, I knew telling some friends (especially those my age!) about it would only result in undermining comments. So, I kept it hidden. It was my very own treasure. I knew that the life I’d created in my mind would eventually be my Reality. It took a while, but it did manifest.

mickie zada

Hi! I am an enthusiastic participant in life and I believe we create our Reality. My personal Mission is to align with Divine Intent and serve as a beacon.