Monday Morning Comin’ Down

mickie zada
3 min readDec 23, 2019
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“Happy Monday Morning” my 6-year-old son used to holler as he skipped all the way down the hallway. He was so excited to face another day…I don’t think, at that point, he realized that Monday is the traditional start of the week. (The Work Week!) He was happy to go to school and learn more….and he got to ride the school bus! He was excited that at recess and after school he got to play with his friends. Life was his oyster, and he only saw the pearl!

He’s grown up now, with three little kids of his own. I doubt he skips down the hallway on Monday morning any more. What happened to that kind of excitement about a new day, a new week?

Too many of us dread Monday mornings now. Kris Kristofferson sang a song years ago called “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down”. It was about being hungover on a Sunday morning, my favorite stanza is:
Then I crossed the empty street and
Caught the Sunday smell
Of someone fryin’ chicken
And it took me back to something
That I’d lost somehow
Somewhere along the way

As we grow older I think we lose some joy and excitement, somehow, somewhere along the way.

Monday is the start of a new week. It’s our choice to skip joyfully down the hall, excited to find the pearl in the oyster, or face the new week with dread and apprehension.

You’ve heard me say “We create our Reality”, and that is absolute Truth.

More importantly, I was taught and I believe that once we Know we create our reality we are held doubly responsible!

When we choose to “forget” our knowledge, things go really poorly. Need proof?

· Think about the last time you forced a decision, rather than waiting for the right resolve, the best option.

· How about the time you were looking for a new house to buy and you didn’t want to spend any more time looking, so you settled?

· It could be deciding you’re too old to take a new part-time job, so your finances keep you tethered to a lifestyle you dislike,

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