Just Waiting to get Tired

mickie zada
3 min readOct 14, 2021
Photo by Igor Kasalov (Unsplash)

It has been a fabulous day!

We recently moved from Connecticut to South Carolina. We’ve been Snowbirds for five years and the original plan was to move full-time to Southwest Florida when we sold the Connecticut place. A friend, who is a Realtor, convinced us to check out Myrtle Beach. We can get much more home in South Carolina for the same cost as Florida, he said.

Turned out, he was right!

My day was fabulous because I emptied a lot of boxes. We are “getting moved in”. Filled drawers, hung up clothes, did a few loads of laundry.

It’s never taken me this long to get moved in. anywhere!

In this 71 years long life I’ve lived in over 55 houses; I’m an expert mover. We emptied our POD a week ago. A WEEK ago. Pictures should be hung by now! They are not. Instead, they are neatly standing on the floor, lining the dining room wall…waiting for assignment/position.

It has been a fabulous day. Why am I so anxious?

We went t bed at 10. I got up at 11. It is 1 am now.

Just waiting to get tired… and wondering why I’m feeling so anxious.

Before I got up, I took eight sprays of Sleep (under my tongue, as directed), to no apparent avail because I’m still awake at 1 am… and writing.

While I lay in bed, willing myself to settle down, to relax, to go-to-sleep, I only became more agitated. And then that “other voice” in my head became vocal. You know the voice I’m talking about! It’s the one that knows every single thing you’ve done wrong. Every.Single.One.

“WHY did you eat that biscotti??? You know there are 12.5 grams of carb in that thing!”

“WHAT were you thinking, working on organizing the closets when there are still boxes of Stuff in the living room … and all the pictures lining the dining room floor!”

“WHY in the world did you pack and bring that red set of dishes?? You’ll never use them.”

“ALL those COOKBOOKS!! Really, do you need all those cookbooks??”

“Your back hurts. You know you should not have lifted that heavy box of towels.”

“HOW can you not have this whole house organized and ready to be lived in? It’s…



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