My great Uncle Julius who lived in the Appalachians of North Carolina did not allow clocks of any kind in his house. He said each second that ticked on a clock was a second lost in his life. He and Aunt Minnie lived self-sufficiently by the sunrise and set, and by the seasons. I don’t know if he celebrated birthdays or anniversaries. I was too young to ask. I was too young to understand how profoundly Uncle Julius chose to live his life. I was too young to fully comprehend what he Knew.

Think about it.

Humans created clocks and…

Sure, my life isn’t perfect but my hair is!

HAIR! It’s a body part about which women have been obsessed probably since grade school

I complain about my post-menopausal belly but I don’t do pushups or crunches.
I bemoan my flabby arms and allot no time at all to squeeze in a few curls.
Ten years ago, while sitting on my lap, my five-year-old Granddaughter peered up and asked with sincere concern, “Grandma, what’s wrong with your neck?” Plastic surgery is not an option.

Yes, my body is aging. I can accept that. I wear long-sleeve shirts, tops that camouflage…

3 Steps to Creating A Cool Retirement

Ahead lies a new horizon of exciting possibilities, if you decide that’s possible. Retirement is different from any previous life experience, except vacation!

All this adjustment and can be very disconcerting.

The lack of structure, adjusting to a fixed income, and the basics of living are fore-front in your mind. Other things we tend to face in retirement are the loss of friends and communication with other women, adjustment to being with your spouse full-time, and physical health concerns as we age.

Equally as important is our emotional health. If you don’t change…

Unsplash Ravi Patel

Remember when our grandparents came to visit? Bring up an image in your mind of how your Grandma or Grandpa looked.

I was lucky to have my maternal grandmother live with us as we kids were growing up. She was from the Appalachian Mountains and wore her waist-length hair in a braid wrapped around her head.

She said “young-uns” and we had spittoons around the house because, being a true mountain woman, Grandma chewed Copenhagen! She also collected hand-painted glass pitchers (each of us kids have one, in her memory). And, she was O.L.D.

Probably close to my age now…

Photo by @Llily_Popper from Unsplash

Each of us creates a unique belief system and reality. The speed and direction of your journey are determined by…Y.O.U. No one else. Nobody else’s footsteps lead exactly where you are going. No matter your age, it’s time to choose your own Path!

What’s important is that you know where you’re going. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall into following someone else’s footsteps.

Your Mom was an attorney, so you went to law school and became an attorney. Your Dad was a brilliant engineer; he encouraged you to attend Stanford’s program (just like he did) or Georgia Tech and you did…

@benblenner Unsplash

Sitting in meditation, calm, relaxed, listening; it was about five in the morning, my quiet time. It was also about two years after leaving my marriage, and I was working on discovering Me. At this point, I was 55 years old.

This was the first time in my life that I had lived alone. I married my husband at nineteen; moved out of my parents’ home into our marital home. Right after high school graduation. No break. No time to grow up, really. Ever since I was a kid my life goal was to be married.

We make great decisions…

Photo By Mickie Zada

“Happy Monday Morning” my 6-year-old son used to holler as he skipped all the way down the hallway. He was so excited to face another day…I don’t think, at that point, he realized that Monday is the traditional start of the week. (The Work Week!) He was happy to go to school and learn more….and he got to ride the school bus! He was excited that at recess and after school he got to play with his friends. Life was his oyster, and he only saw the pearl!

He’s grown up now, with three little kids of his own. I…

Your future does not lie ahead of you. Your future lies deep inside of you waiting to be released, to be realized, to be brought into the Light.

Yes, we are retired. Society considers us O.L.D. and we sometimes buy into that as our reality. Instead, think Grandma Moses. Katharine Joosten. Saundra Thomas. Lisa Holton. Georgia O’Keefe.

When we live in the darkness of not believing in ourselves, there is a space in our minds that we don’t, very often, allow to be considered. We try not to think about it much. …

I have a serious question for you: Do you want to live life, or do you want to escape life? How we live our lives is our choice…a full life is your true destiny.

“What’s a full life”, you’re wondering?
Well, that’s your choice, too!

Some people seem to be on a Path the moment they are born: They Know what they’re here for and they focus on that reality.

Others, like me, had no clue “what I’ll be when I grow up” until I was pretty much grown-up. 53 years old to be exact!

Slow learner? Maybe!

I prefer…

Grizzly Bear @brock222

When I was 53 and newly divorced, I was prone to get up out of bed at 2 a.m., get dressed, grab my car keys and drive to the nearest 24-hour store (4 miles) to get a donut. I only allowed myself to buy one because if I bought more, they’d all be gone by the time I got home. Not proud of this fact, but it was my reality.

Once, I received a huge box of Ghirardelli chocolates as a holiday gift from a co-worker. I immediately decided to re-gift the beautifully Christmas-decorated box of blood-sugar-skyrocketing lusciousness. Instead, I…

mickie zada

Hi! I am an enthusiastic participant in life and I believe we create our Reality. My personal Mission is to align with Divine Intent and serve as a beacon.

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